Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ho Hum

Lest you think things have gotten dull around here, I assure you that's not the case. Twincy and Twinjay are now mobile. It's that scary, almost-walking, mode of transportation. They scale furniture and walls while simultaneously emptying bookshelves and bins. The end result is a near death trap at every turn.

Meanwhile, Elliana has all but given up napping. While I first met this phase with extreme denial, there is a silver lining. She is sleeping better at night now.

As for the rents, we don't exactly qualify as rested. Spencer, in particular, seems to be in need of more sleep. This is highlighted by two almost back-to-back incidents:

1. I was heading off to work one day and I heard someone honking and yelling. I looked in the rearview mirror and confirmed that it was the car directly behind my vehicle. However, I couldn't figure out what they were yelling about. I finally figured out that they thought my purse was on the back of the car. Clearly, this was not true. My purse was behaving itself in the passenger seat. Still, the yeller seemed near-frantic. So, I got out of the car and, lo and behold, there was a pottery mug and a lunch bag still sitting upright on the trunk of the car. They had made it out the driveway and down the hill intact! And, you guessed it, they belong to my weary husband.

2. The other night, as I came downstairs from putting Twincy and Twinjay down, I heard a semi-racket in the kitchen. Then, Spencer's head and arms appeared at the window as he huffed and puffed and pulled himself through head first. I was surprised, and perplexed, as he explained that he was locked out and had been running around trying to find an open window. This would make sense, except he'd crawled in two feet away from a wide open screen door.

Tired much?

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