Monday, December 31, 2012


Elliana has been trying to make sense of the whole concept of death. She is often perplexed about it, especially when she sees a relative in pictures and learns that she cannot meet them. Naturally, this works its way into her play. So, when she informed me that both her parents were dead, in an attempt to help her understand the permanence of it, I responded by saying "I'm so sorry. That's very sad."

She looked at me, quite seriously, and said "AND terrible" as if making sure I understood the gravity of the situation. So, I thought we'd made some headway.

She then proceeded to fill me in on the rest:

"My babysitter died too. And all my Grandpeople. And months and months passed but they didn't get better. So, I'm going to take a hot air balloon to go visit them. I know how to visit them."

True to form, this conversation went in a direction I'd never suspected.


  1. My favorite part is the last line. :) Oh, and the Grandpeople part...

  2. I may have to save the "grandpeople" word. That one has some mileage to it.