Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What Goes In...

I have been blessed, yet again,  with a child who puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. Yes, I know babies put things in their mouths. But, I see other kids. I talk to other moms. This is bordering on "you can never turn your back or close your eyes, ever, unless she is asleep".

Unlike the puffy ladybug sticker, which arrived fully in-tact in Twinjay's poopy diaper, this time I caught her red-handed. Literally.

I was in the kitchen getting lunch ready. When I circled back through the living room, I was greeted by red. Twinjay had red on her hands, her mouth, and she was obviously eating something. To my horror, I realized it was a pastel that had fallen out of Elliana's art supplies.

Oh, yes, within seconds I had her on her back with her nose pinched shut to unclamp that mouth. Her saliva and the paper towel extended the life of the pastel like only an artist could enjoy. I, on the other hand, was having a very hard time determining how much of this seemingly endless product had been ingested.

Poison Control suggested I give her liquids to dilute it and watch her for an hour to see if her stomach hurt. That was super helpful. I am sure my 11-month old teething baby with a head cold is going to make a specific new cry just to let me know it's her tummy that's bothering her.

The pediatrician's office referred me back to Poison Control. The Internet made my head swim. My sister provided remote moral support.

I was left with following PC's uber-helpful advice while bracing myself for the potential repercussions of this act. I can only imagine Spencer's reaction if Twinjay starts peeing, pooping, or vomiting red.

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