Thursday, November 8, 2012

Paint the Town

Every well-rested adult on the planet is wise to something I sailed past. I realized my error after the damage was already done. To my horror, I envisioned our house covered in purplish-red splotches.

For the past several months, I’ve been on a beet “kick”. Literally, I would eat them as a main course. Since Twincy and Twinjay have begun eating solids, offering beets to them seemed like a natural next step.

As a precaution, I checked a few food-introduction resources to make sure beets weren’t on the high-allergy list. They weren’t. I thought it was actually a bit odd that they also weren’t on any of the suggested-food lists either. Surely, they are rich with nutrients. I glossed over this, figuring it was an oversight or possibly not mainstream enough.

And so, I dutifully cooked and mashed the beets. I gave them to the babies at lunch, early enough in the day so I could be watchful for adverse reactions. Given the amount I’ve consumed in recent months, this was doubtful. However, always good to have bases covered.

Speaking of having bases covered, this is a good time to mention my glaring error. I have spent the better part of their lives doing excessive amounts of laundry due to spit-up. What goes in comes back out. So, it is almost laughable that I didn't consider the potential for disaster from dye-friendly beets gracing our household. I blame the oversight on the hazed state I typically operate under. In other words, sleep is overrated.

As predicted, I will be reminded of my very, very poor food choice for some time to come. As Twinjay army-crawls around the house, the effort eventually causes her to spit-up. I hear the wet deposit, a gift really, and am greeted by a Pepto-Bismol colored puddle. In my horror movie, I’d forgotten to add breastmilk and baby cereal to the equation.

I fully expect to spend the next several days of my life racing around the house to locate the nearest clean cloth. In addition to the visual reminders that will be left if not quickly cleaned, spit-up has the added pleasure of stench if not immediately, and thoroughly, cleaned.

Consider this a public announcement. Beets are for adults.

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