Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Say What?

Lately, Elliana has taken to mimicking adults when speaking to her baby sisters. She coos at them in a velvety voice while smiling and nodding her head. For this reason, I didn't think twice as I heard her talking to J in the other room in her sing-song tone. That was, until I passed by and overheard her cooing "disease" in a soft, melodic tone.  I stopped in my tracks and slowly backed up to hear exactly what was going on.

Elliana:  "Disease. Yes. Isn't that funny?"

J: Staring at Elliana with a huge gummy grin

Elliana: "Hand-Foot-Mouth disease. Yes. Yes it is. Isn't that funny? Yes it is!"

And so, in my shock, it took all I had not to scream "NO! That wouldn't be funny! Not even mildly amusing!".  Please, do NOT let this grace our home. SOOOO not funny.

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